Here's how it works:


Register on the Greener Homes portal and select CLEAResult as your service organization.


Book an energy evaluation with one of CLEAResult's registered energy advisors


Complete at least one upgrade recommended in your report. Consult your audit report and your energy advisor to decide which upgrade(s) to pursue. At this stage, you may also apply for a 0% interest loan and receive up to 15% of it upfront.


Book a post-project evaluation to verify your upgrades


Submit invoices and proof of payment to the Greener Homes online portal.


Receive your rebate and the balance of your requested loan.



Eligible upgrades include:


Heat Pumps: Up to $5,000 back


Air Sealing: Up to $1,000 back


Home Resiliency: Up to $1,000 back


Insulation: Up to $5,000 back


Solar Panels: Up to $5,000 back


Thermostats: $50 each


Windows & Doors: $125 - $250 each




 Does your home qualify?


  Your home must be:

Owned by you

Your primary residence

6 months or older

One of the following:

  • Single family detached
  • Semi-detached
  • Rowhouse / Townhouse
  • Mobile home (w/permanent foundation)
  • Floating Home (Permanently moored)
  • Residential Unit in a mixed-use Bldg.
  • Multi-Unit Residential Bld. (at most 3 stories tall and footprint up to 600 square metres)

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